Let’s bring together the forces for a new mass working class party

Add your name to our appeal and help us set up a political alternative to Labour

The Sunak government has declared war on the working class. But Labour won’t defend us. We need a new party to fight for a working-class government and a complete change in Britain.

Labour, which was set up to defend working class people, and is funded by our trade unions, is now back under the leadership of the establishment. 

Keir Starmer refuses to back the rail and post strikes. He bans his MPs  from visiting picket lines. He backs NATO and nuclear weapons, but opposes renationalising the energy profiteers.

After the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s right wing have moved to exclude socialists and have shut off any possibility of the party being won to socialism.

It is time for a new party.

Just as the trade unions severed their link to the Liberal Party in 1900 and established the Labour Representation Committee to acquire a direct political voice, so today they need to cut their links to Starmer’s party to create a genuine party of labour.

There is an alternative

There are hundreds of thousands of working-class people already organising to fight the government. 

* 700,000 signed up to enough is enough.
* More than 100,000 signed up to don’t pay. 
* Hundreds of thousands are joining a wave of strikes which is still growing every day
* 200,000 left Labour in disgust and are desperate for an alternative

Every one of those people deserves a party that is 100 percent run by, controlled by and in the service of the working class.

Sign our appeal now

Please add your name to our list of signatories and help us bring together the forces across Britain that can help form a new party. 

We do not want to declare the party ourselves, but to create it together with working-class people and groups all over Britain. 

With the Tories slumping in the polls, but with no real political alternative, the time is right to start preparing a new party, one that fights the Tories and their system, not just at the ballot box, but in the workplaces and on the streets.

Please sign below to help convene an All-Britain meeting to discuss what this new party might look like.


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